Consulting Information & Guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: MY HIGHEST PRIORITY IS FOR CONSULTATIONS FOR SCHOOL DISTRICTS OR AGENCIES INVOLVING MULTIPLE VISITS OVER TIME. Currently, I do not provide single visit consultations or on-site evaluations or through video/Skype. 

To request consulting services, please fill out this Request for Consultation Services form and submit via email to Please note “consult request” in the subject line.

The following outlines information about my consultations. My focus can be on preschool children through high school students who have challenges in the areas of social communication, socialization and emotional regulation. This would include students with a range of diagnoses including autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities and children with emotional-behavioral challenges. Issues I am able to address during consultations include:

  • Strategies to support socialization and social communication,
  • Strategies to support successful inclusion
  • Understanding and addressing problem behaviors in students and supporting emotional regulation,
  • Understanding and supporting staff in developing and maintaining positive relationships with families,
  • Preparation for transitions, development of IEP’s and placement questions
  • Support for implementation of the SCERTS Model (for agencies or schools adopting The SCERTS Model)

My guiding principles as a consultant

  • When I consult to a school district or agency, I view my role as a team member, rather than an outside “expert” prescribing to teams or parents. I always view a child’s team, including his or her parents, as the experts on the child. My role is to facilitate discussion around issues of concern, and to offer another “set of eyes” and, when appropriate, a different perspective that results in specific recommendations for goals and teaching strategies.
  • My consultation work is guided by child/person-centered principles. That is, I work with teams to better understand a child/person’s kids in schoolunique pattern of developmental strengths and needs, leading to more effective and respectful programming.
  • In a similar manner, my consultation work follows family-centered principles. Many professionals and support staff in schools have had limited training in supporting and engaging parents in a collaborative manner, especially when parents are under great stress. In addition to decades of experience in working with parents, my consultation approach is also informed by extensive postdoctoral training in family support and family- centered intervention.I believe it is essential to understand each family as unique with its own strengths and challenges. I encourage teams to work collaboratively with parents, and when appropriate, to invite parents to join our discussions during consultation visits.Classroom

Consultation formats

Formats and time frames are flexible and individualized, and will be worked out prior to my visit. When I have had an ongoing relationship for districts and agencies, and as I get to know teams better, as well as specific students, we adjust formats to better meet the highest priority needs. If possible, I always encourage a parent or parents to teams for discussion during my visit.

To request consulting services, please fill out this Request for Consultation Services form and submit it via email to Please note “consult request” in the subject line.

If you should have any questions regarding my services, please do not hesitate to contact me.